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Produce a series of drawings or photographs of three lunar surface features.
GCSE Astronomy Coursework. A1 & B1 Lunar Features. Produce a series of naked-eye drawings (A1) or telescopic drawings and/or photographs (B1) of three lunar surface features. Use them to show their changing appearance at different lunar phases. To clarify you are concentrating on THREE specific features (e.g.
GCSE Astronomy Coursework. A4 & B4 Drawings or Photos of Constellations. Observe and make detailed drawings (A4) or photographs (B4) of three different constellations, recording dates, times, seeing and weather conditions and noting colours (if possible) and magnitudes by comparison with reference stars. Try to do
Overview. The Following is taken from Pages 29 to 32 of the Edexcel Specification. Unit 2 Exploring the Universe. Assessment overview. This unit is assessed through internal assessment with controlled conditions. Students must complete one unaided and one aided observational task. These tasks must be chosen from
Tasks. The Following is taken from Pages 33 & 34 of the Edexcel Specification. Students cannot select both their observational tasks from the same row in the observation task table. For example, not A1 and B1, A2 and B2 etc. Unaided observations. Choose one task from this list. Aided observations. Choose one task from
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for this increasingly popular qualification, to take account of recent discoveries and advances in the world of astronomy. However, a significant change to the qualifi cation in the summer, in line with other GCSE subjects, was the change from the familiar coursework to “controlled assessment”. This development was primarily
Produced by the Royal Observatory Greenwich and designed for students following the Edexcel GCSE astronomy course, this booklet provides information and instruction on using a shadow stick or sundial to calculate the local noon, the observer's longitude and the accuracy of a sundial. Observations and calculations are
Sample task. GCSE Astronomy Controlled Assessment. A4 Constellation Drawings. DESIGN 2/2/10. For this piece of Coursework I plan to observe and make sketches of three different constellations. I will try to note down colours of the brightest stars and estimate their magnitudes by comparing with reference stars of known
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